PREMIUM 220cm Powerlifting barbell with ThermalKote- 50mm diameter

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Here is our premium fixed barbell.  Fixed meaning that there are no bearings or bushings.  The sleeves will not rotate making it the preferred barbell for powerlifters.

This premium barbell uses high tensile steel to give it the strength.  This is the same high tensile steel that is used in cranes and hydraulic rams ensuring maximum strength. It has a very high impact resistance making it perfect for barbells.

We actually test our barbells, rather than just giving a load rating.  Anyone can just slap a number on a barbell to try to sell it, but we actually physically test them and give them the rating. We have tested this barbell by dropping it multiple times from a 2.5m height, loaded to 300kg without any problems.

This barbell is made right here in our Melbourne factory.  We bring in locally sourced raw steel and machine it ourselves to how we like it. Each barbell is hand made, hence no two are the same. They will not look like flawless factory mass produced ones, and each will have their own personal characteristics.


  • Weight: 20kg
  • Length: 220cm
  • Sleeve diameter: 50mm
  • Bar grip diameter: 28mm, knurling at hand grip positions.
  • Tested weight limit: 300kg 
  • No bushings or bearings, barbell sleeves are fixed and will not spin.
  • Treated with a black ThermalKote on the exterior.

Below shows the barbell during testing.

Not suited for:

  • Not for weightlifting (clean & jerks or snatches) use at own risk.

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