About Us

Our story

3D Gym Equipment is a Melbourne, Australia based business who are dedicated to design and manufacture 100% Melbourne made high quality fitness equipment.

We started from a passion with robotics 9 years ago by manufacturing a custom made CNC machine that would automate the steel fabrication process and give the precision needed to create parts. CNC shop was born, providing a vast range of steel fabrication services for both industrial and commercial projects.

The passion grew and we added the fabrication of signage with 3D Sign Solutions producing 3D Signage using CNC router, Digital printing light boxes and more.

In 2020, we created 3D Gym Equipment because our customers could not find quality strength training equipment at a reasonable price that would meet our clients' needs. We were also saddened by the large amount of cheap and low quality imported goods sold at artificially high price.

Melbourne made gym equipment

We pride ourselves on designing and building all our fitness equipment from locally sourced, high-quality Australian steel.

Our entire manufacturing process is done in-house at our warehouse in Clayton, Victoria. From getting the raw steel, we measure, cut, weld, grind, mill, sand, paint the steel and even upholster all the gym benches ourselves!

When the demand for our gym equipment kept growing, we decided to invest in a very costly barbell manufacturing machine because we wanted to provide our customers with high-quality Melbourne-made goods that are locally made while being competitively priced.


We know every product inside out. We use them ourselves and know what should be expected of them. Our fitness equipment is ideal for anyone setting up a home or garage gym. We provide all the basics in strength training equipment you need such as squat and bench racks, gym benches and barbells. We also cater for gymnastics and calisthenics with our range of pull-up, parallettes and dip bars.

Our ability to provide a start-to-finish service ensures short turn-around times.

"We are proud to manufacture all of our fitness equipment locally at a fair price, that is high quality and that supports local jobs and our local community."

3d gym equipment machinery and equipment    3d gym equipment warehouse

Custom made gym equipment

We can also custom make any equipment you may need. We've made some axle bars for strongman clients. We've also produced dip attachment bars and fitness equipment storage solutions. Send us an email with your specifications to info@cncshop.com.au.

Our warehouse is located @ 38 Cambro Rd, Clayton, VIC (appointment only). You can also send us an email to info@cncshop.com.au.

Our team:

Naomi - Owner, tester and gym junkie

Naomi competes in powerlifting and sanctioned weightlifting competitions. Her extreme commitment and passion towards fitness started all this! She holds a degree in Health Science and in Psychology. She's at the gym 6 days a week!

Dan - resident engineer, product developer and all round nerd

Dan has a multitude of skills that enables him to build anything under the sun! He turns an idea into reality starting with using Computer Aided Design, down to welding the prototypes himself. Having a Masters degree in Engineering, he started his working life at Monash University's Intelligent Robotics Research Centre building bomb disposal robots to full sized robotic fire trucks. Now he utilises his talents to bring you 3D Gym Equipment!

Celine - Marketing

Celine About Us

Celine is another gym freak who is a qualified personal trainer who loves the outdoors. She regularly competes in Crossfit competitions. Don't let her size fool you, she will out run or out lift anyone!

Tee - Welder extraordinaire and jack of all trades

Tee is our main welder.  If it is made from metal, Tee can find a way to join it together.  He has been welding for over 22 years and can do just about everything. He trained as a fitter and turner, but once he picked up a welder as a teenager he has never stopped.

Brandon - Welding and fabrication