2kg pair - Fractional Change Weight Plates

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3D Gym Equipment offers you six different fractional weights, 0.5kg to 5kg.

All our fractional weights are suited for Olympic sized barbells with a 50mm sleeve diameter. These are rubber coated & have a snug fit to the barbell to reduce movements & sound.

Sold in pairs.

Also sold as a full set, 25kg in total.

Approximate size:

  • 0.5kg (White): 135mm diameter / 12.5mm thickness
  • 1.0kg (Green): 158mm / 15mm
  • 1.5kg (Yellow): 172mm / 18mm
  • 2.0kg (Blue): 188mm / 18mm
  • 2.5kg (Red): 207mm / 18mm
  • 5.0kg (White): 227mm / 25mm