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Fancy your brand or Insta handle on our strength gear? We can do it for you!

Whether you own a PT business or just want to personalise your gym equipment with your business name or Insta handle on it, no worries!

We use commercial grade premium vinyl, which is used for indoors and outdoors signage, boats and cars. It's meant to last for years. Please note that we can only provide white colour vinyl for the time being.

How it works:

Just send us your logo, business name or Insta handle and we’ll do the rest. We’ll print, cut and apply the decals for you.

Vector file (adobe illustrator or photoshop) preferred but don’t sweat it if you don’t have any. Just email us your branding and we’ll try to match the font or choose a standard font.

Once you make your order, email us the branding details to