Lifting big in your garage gym: top 5 tips to stay motivated

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Lifting big in your garage gym: top 5 tips to stay motivated

Lifting big in your garage gym: top 5 tips to stay motivated

What a cold wintery morning in Melbourne!! It's getting harder and harder to get out of bed and straight into the garage to do a workout.

If you previously lifted weights at the gym and managed to maintain your overall fitness levels by working out on your own during the lockdown, well done! But if you've started losing motivation and slowly beginning to lose the grip on your training schedule, here are our top 5 tips to stay motivated while working out solo in your garage or home gym.

With the COVID-19 restrictions lifting off, gyms have already reopened in most of the states in Australia. Just bear in mind that while gyms are gradually resuming, there will be severe restrictions in place, limiting the number of people being able to workout at the same time. It might actually be quite challenging to return to your everyday gym session or being able to exercise at the same time slot you used to, and you might have to still workout at home.

  1. Set yourself some goals and find your "why"

If your goal is to build a strong, muscular and functional physique, you need to set yourself some goals and devise a plan to get to those goals. For you to be successful, you have to know where you are going, and you have to have a dedicated and committed plan. You need to be able to visualise your outcome and understand that you won’t get to your destination in just one day or a week.

But most importantly, always ask yourself what the underlying reason you want to reach those goals is and why it so important to do this right now.

Ask yourself first: If I achieve ‘X,Y,Z’ what will that mean to me?
 Why is it so important that I commit to achieving this goal? How will I feel when I reach it?
 How will I feel if I don't achieve it?

Take the time to explore this further, and once you have figured out your ‘why’ keep this at the front of your mind. This is what will keep you going when your motivation is waning. This is what will help you get out of bed on a cold, wintery morning, and this is what will keep pushing you through when things start getting hard!

  1. Find yourself a training buddy

Tip 2 Find yourself a training buddy

Research is very clear on this: when accountability factors build-up, your success rate increases by twice or even five times! When it comes to reaching your strength goals, being part of a community is the most important thing. If you regularly interact with other athletes who share their passion for lifting and share the same goals as you, it makes it easier to create and keep new habits.

  1. Find an online coach

If you’ve struggled to make progress on your own, an online coach will definitely help you structure your workout plan effectively, mentor, educate and motivate you, and give you all the tools you need to stay on track and move you in the right direction towards your goals. Take the time to do your research, get recommendations and shop around.

  1. Track your progress

What you can measure you can improve. It's essential to log your strength progress, tracking the weight you lifted and the reps in a log. It acts as a great motivational tool as it allows you to see what needs improvement and what you can do to avoid making the same mistakes.

  1. Finding the right fitness equipment for your lifting needs at the right price

Get buff, not broke when setting up your home garage gym. It's been a challenge trying to find fitness equipment in stock at a reasonable price during the lockdown. Even second hand, prices of gym equipment have skyrocketed.

If you want to keep doing your heavy barbell squats, bench presses, rows, deadlifts or any other barbell lifts right now, we can definitely meet your needs as all of our fitness gear is in stock. Having a good quality strength training equipment such as a pair of squat racks, a barbell or a gym bench is all you need to get started and stay motivated.


Motivation isn’t something you stumble across. You actually discover it through daily habit, consistent effort, the support of like-minded people, a great coach and some quality strength equipment. Commit fully, believe in what you’re doing, and you’ll get great results.